Always Be Thankful Towards Your Customers

Sometimes when business flashbacks the journey travelled, it marvels at how customers have remained the biggest asset to business growth and development. The fact remains an organization cannot boast to provide the best for customers. You do not claim to be providing the best more than what the competitors do. Even amidst the quality and customer experience instilled in daily engagements with them, it still does not feel enough for the customers.

While contemplating on what values customers bring to any business, and what the business give in return, I feel compelled to do more in appreciation of customer’s unshaken loyalty. On running dry of ideas on how to appreciate them, the words of one of the greatest business mogul remain vibrant:

‘Thank you’ is the best prayer that anyone could say. I say that one a lot. Thank you expresses extreme gratitude, humility, undertaking. ~ Alice Walker

Edenred Involvement

Switching the right button of connection to inculcate rewarding experiences surpasses promotional and public engagements that seek to achieve social responsibility. At Edenred Singapore –, among other voluminous mandates, the major agenda is to bring innovative loyalty relationship to your business. Braced with a pack of solutions and services that you require, Edenred tend to serve to your satisfaction. In addition, it goes an extra mile to ensure that your business exploits all its potentials. This is done by leveraging on best of expertise, ideas and strategic planning as well as value to foster relationships that are long-term.

With unbeatable array of marketing strategies, loyalty mechanisms and through integrating technology, Edenred is in position to foster a positively influential partnership. The feeling to appreciate you more even when we advise that you can enhance your experiences and reinforce your engagements. As a loyalty partner, we feel enthralled to elevate your organizational engagement to a higher level through motivation and performance. We have the understanding of the stronger volition that come with the spirit of always thanking customers. Whereas our relationship is always strong, to some extent it has been a one-way. Either our customers have been committing or we have kept it going. However, the engagement so far is substantial.

Reward programs

According to Jack Aaronson of the Marketing Technology Transformation common strategies to understand the effectiveness of a reward program is to know how it works. To get customers operate with us at free will, it costs their loyalty and a belief in us. This explains how at Edenred we have endeared to come up with a reward program to acknowledge our esteemed customers, to say thank you for their loyalty. Through the practice of motivation and performance, staying motivated and achieving more is a conglomerate of various things.

To motivate and perform, we engage our customers on how to drive motivation and perform. We seek to build brand value, we labor to improve sales and results, increase share of wallet and eventually enjoy rewarding experiences. Other areas we do our best is in aspiration for progress and performance, increase customer satisfaction and cultivate lasting partnerships.

We always feel that even to motivate and to perform is not enough. There is need for more and that is how connection and engagement answers the how in building relationships. Despite all these, we feel indebted to our customers. To thank them and make them feel appreciated. That is why there is the loyalty program; loyalty marketing.

Whereas customers want to feel valued, achieving this by satisfying them and enhancing their experience with our services is just but an answer to the financial value they pay for the services. The articulate boost towards our engrossment to thank their loyalty lay in not only the financial benefits that challenges they give us and entrust us with finding solution to their various business needs. Apparently, studies show that around 40% of customer feel good customer experience when services are personalized. Another shocking revelation is that 86% of Americans can pay more when they feel a better customer experience. The implication of this revelation is that our profit margin and sales are likely to increase when customer loyalty program is personalized to address customer needs at a personal level, as opposed to putting them in respective paddocks of profitability.

Loyalty program

Fernandes and Solimun (2018) in their article argue that there is mediation in quality, service orientation and marketing mix in achieving customer loyalty. This is also echoed by that loyalty marketing helps to build trust among intermittent customers, while rewarding them for continually relating with a company. Based on these, Edenred’s loyalty programs through loyalty marketing are well orchestrated as a loyalty program. For instance, The Loyalty and Engagement Award 2017 was put forth to thank and appreciate our loyal customers.

Such a loyalty program as a carried out by Edenred, how to commence thanking customers does not derive from a rule of thumb. Even when the knowledge about reasons for thanking customers is not profound, there are numerous ways to appreciate customers. Finding a way that brings more sense to the way they feel is as important as the practice itself. Therefore, here are three simples ways that a business can use to thank customers with less costs but highly impactful.

Involve in customer/community activities

How about becoming part and parcel of activities that customer carry out? For instance, sponsoring or promoting a community activity such as street cleaning and letting your staff involve fully shows a cooperative loyalty.

Send special appreciation cards with an order

As said earlier, customers feel more appreciated when services rendered to them are personalized. Business on the other hand tends to know its most loyal customers, sometimes including their physical address. Such customers feel more appreciated when a thank you note is sent specifically addressed to them.

Providing customers with free education/learning material: Apart from this method being effective in thanking customers, it also acts as a marketing tool. With a business having more content, it can turn them into marketing material to help improve optimization for store search, to make your business easily locatable.

To conclude, thanking customers as a practice of good will enhances customer loyalty even further. It inculcates a sense of appreciation where the customers feel special. Apart from the business benefiting from cementing business-customer relationships, thanking customers is a special way of showing how much they are valued. A thank you note seems a small gesture but it plays a vital role in enhancing customer loyalty. Besides, that customized and personalized note is an effective customer retention strategy that a business cannot afford to miss out especially in the contemporary competitive business environment.

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